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Types of Waste: Services

Types of Waste Accepted

Biohazardous Waste

All wastes that may contain infectious materials like PPE, needles, pipettes, or other materials that may have come in contact with blood or other bodily fluids.


IV tubing, IV bags, vials, and other items that contain trace amounts of chemotherapy drugs.


Biohazardous wastes that originates from tissues or samples that are inspected and/or examined in a laboratory to diagnose or study abnormal or diseased tissues..

Non-RCRA Pharmaceuticals

Non-RCRA prescription drug waste that may still pose risks to community health and the environment, if not disposed of properly.


Because our system shreds all medical wastes, any paper, patient files, or other information with private information can be disposed of securely to protect patient privacy.

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Medical Marijuana waste includes unused, surplus, returned or out-of-date marijuana and plant debris of the plant of the genus Cannabis, including dead plants and all unused plant parts, except the term shall not include roots, stems, stalks and fan leaves.

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