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Our Treatment Process

Our treatment process protects patient privacy better than most autoclaves by shredding 100% of waste.


Our process begins by shredding all waste to increase surface area by 90%. Our high-powered shredder shreds needles, disposable sharps containers, glass, and anything else that might contain your patients' private health information.  This improves treatment quality and protects your patients' privacy so you can know for sure you are 100% HIPAA compliant in a way autoclaves cannot.

Heat and Churn

Next, our system applies steam and small amounts of bleach at boiling temperatures. As it moves slowly through the system, the shredded waste is churned at near boiling temperatures for an hour to ensure full microbial inactivation. This method has been approved by the OK Department of Environmental Quality as an incinerator alternative.


After the waste is treated, it is automatically deposited into a sealed compactor where it is held securely until it is hauled away to a permitted landfill. Unlike that treated by most autoclaves, waste treated by our system is not touched again by people after it is deposited into the treatment equipment, which greatly increases safety.

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